Good Vibes Starting The 2016/17 School Year

Again this year my wife Randi and I served as New Faculty Coordinators. Over the last 6 months we used google+ to stay connected with incoming staff members and introduce google apps for education for those that had not had much experience. End Goal – to ensure they were as comfortable as possible moving to Bahrain in the Middle East and joining the RVIS team.
After an amazing summer our family returned to Bahrain on Aug. 6th to prepare for  these new teachers to arrive on the 14th. We spent the next few weeks setting up villas, planning and preparing for the whole orientation process. It is always a pleasure working alongside our schools leadership team (twitter: @josephroseavear @jogarrahy @nordness4). Although this a crazy-busy time for me I truly enjoy developing these new relationships with like-minded educators and helping each of them to setup for a successful year. HungryHippo Olyimpics had to be the highlight of orientation followed closely by our BreakoutEDU challenge.

From arranging rental cars and taking a group trip to the Lulu Hypermarket, to offering choice sessions for new teacher development, to merging the rookies with the veterans I thrive off of all the immense learning and connection.


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